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Why Choose Greatchoice?

Your choice of IT support providers can be overwhelming. Each one seems to offer a different service, and how can you be sure any of them knows what they are talking about anyway? To make things simple, here are eight reasons to choose Greatchoice Computer Service – you won’t regret it:


We have 60-minute response times to network emergencies
We provide our clients with the best response time in our industry: offering 24-hour support and 1 HOUR emergency response times.
All work is done by our staff
We never subcontract. This means the buck stops with us.
We use and sell only the best products and services available
You will always receive the best solutions, people, and technology from our company. We are partners with Microsoft, Dell, HP and Lenovo.
We use a “flat-fee” pricing structure which gives you unlimited support
Our unique pricing model allows your company to easily and effectively budget for IT costs. There are no surprises at the end of the month, and no more hourly billing charges.
When you hire us, you hire a business partner
We will use our expertise and professionalism to act as an extension of your company.
We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our products and services
We stand behind anything we sell. If we don’t fix it, we don’t bill.
We are proactive
Unlike other computer support companies that wait for something to break so they can charge you more hourly fees, our goal is to make sure your computers don’t break down in the first place. So say goodbye to all that wasted time and lost productivity and just relax knowing that Greatchoice Computer Service is monitoring your network 24/7.
We are far less expensive than hiring a full-time IT guy
Just run the numbers. By outsourcing your computer support to us, we can save you thousands of dollars on HR costs, salaries, taxes, and benefits, while giving you the expertise and experience of an entire IT department.

Isn’t it time you put your IT in the right hands?

Greatchoice Computer Service

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