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Ocala Satellite Internet

High Speed, Low Latency Broadband Internet!

Up to 200 Mbps

We are not installing Dish Network or Heughs Net! This is the real internet you always wanted but was not available…until today! 

Your package includes your Satellite dish, mounting brackets, wireless access point, and managed LOCAL technical support.

How this actually Works

These satellites are in low earth orbit. This lowers the latency to about 20ms versus over 1000ms or 1-second Heughs Net has.

We position the dish at the proper level, angle, and use only the highest quality WiFi products.


Home Internet

How come the other companies do not offer this?
That’s what makes this so great. You cannot change where the satellite is once in orbit. This technology did not exist and the cost to change their infrastructure would not benefit them.
How long does it take to get installed?
Since the global shortage of chips and parts, we have started a waitlist that guarantees your spot when the next modem and dish arrives at our facility. Once you are ready to make a deposit we can estimate your place in line.
What is managed support?
Forget waiting on the phone for technical support from another country. You need someone local to address your internet issues. We will come out free of charge if its the satellite, modem or our wifi equipment. If you need other support we can also assist you.
What speeds can I expect?
Latency ranges from 20ms to 100ms which is the same time as local broadband cable internet companies.

Download speeds are up to 200 Mbps

Is there a commitment?
Our prices are based on 12 month agreements. Month-to-month prices are 10% higher after your first year.