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Simple Business Plans.


Covers 10 computers

Keep your office running smoothly

Plus 1 hour of support



Per month

Basic + Support

6 hours/month of support included


Per month

Dedicated Support

Set it and forget it!

Call for pricing options

What Is Included?

Internet Content Filtering

  • Block Malware before it reaches the PC
  • Prevent accidental exposure to websites
  • Keep employees in line by blocking other desired sites

Backup Checks

  • Ensure backups happen automatically each day
  • We resolve any issues with backups for you
  • Backup files even when they are open on your desktop
  • Store data offsite so it can be retrieved even if the PC fails to turn on

Basic Maintenance

  • Ensure updates are installed properly
  • Basic Printer Support
  • Firewall and VPN maintenance

Daily Health Checks

  • We monitor your PC 24/7 and fix the issues right away
  • Allow us to proactively identify many issues before they cause disaster
  • Receive Weekly health check reports


  • Prevent malicious hackers from controlling your PC
  • Catch the viruses that do get to your PC
  • Proactively remove and delete bugs that get through

Remote Access & Support

  • Fast access to all your systems
  • Flexibility to resolve issues after hours
  • Get the IT help you need, when you need it


Are there any setup charges?

No. We get you setup and ready to go for our services free of charge. We will even inventory and document your computers and network settings, a $200 value.


I have more than 10 computers?

Our pricing is based on up to 10 computers. Our price will be adjusted accordingly. Example: 15 computers is $150/month

What happens after my support hours?

Support does not stop. We will continue to support the office at a discounted rate of $80/hour. Next month your hours will renew.

How fast will you respond to my problem?

For our monthly clients, we offer a 1 hour response time.  Meaning we’ll start working your issue within 1 hour of calling in (however this does not guarantee a resolution within 1 hour). 

Do I have to pay monthly or can I just call you as needed?

You may call us when you need service. Our regular hourly rate applies with 1 hour minimum.

Do you accept Credit Cards, Checks, Cash or BitCoin?

We accept all forms of payment. We do request a credit card for the monthly plans or an automatic draft from your bank.

What is Remote Support?

Remote Support is where we are able to connect to your computer and see what you see.  We are able to work on your PC as if we were right there with you.  This allows us to be quicker and more efficient is solving your IT and computer issues.

How much backup storage do you provide?

Depending on the needs of your business we may be able to include a backup solution at no additional cost. Backup solutions start at $6/month.

Will my price ever change?

No! You are locked into that rate from the moment you become our customer. If you have the all inclusive support plan, we will analyze your monthly usage and reserve the right to readjust your office rate every 6 months.

Do you offer volume pricing?

Yes. Depending on the office size, you may qualify for volume pricing. Please call our sales team at 352-301-3016 and they can give you a price quote over the phone.

Is unlimited really unlimited?

Call us when you need to. We want to give your office the best technical support available at the most competitive rates. If your office is using more than the average typical office of your size we may have to adjust our monthly support, however, we will keep your costs down as best as we can.

Do you support Servers or Virtual Computers?

We support all devices, including servers and virtual machines. Servers are an additional monthly charge.

Isn’t it time you put your IT in the right hands?

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