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Ocala Wireless Internet

Home Internet Packages
I've finished my LTE data before the end of the month, can I buy more?
We suggest moving to the unlimited plan depending on when you finish your data.
Is it really unlimited?
Celluar carriers do offer unlimited plans however depending on network congestion, your speeds may be reduced during certain times.
Which plan is right for me?
A typical household uses close to 1000 GB of data a month. This is the equiviant of streaming Netflix or other services a few times a day, every day. We suggest using the unlimited plan if your house likes to stream shows.
What speeds can I expect?
Cellular data depends on lots of factors. Location, data traffic, weather and a host of other objects. We will place the cellular device and antenna in the best possible spot to obtain the best signal possible.

You can expect speeds ranging from 5 Mbps and as high as 70 Mbps for your download. We have achieved great speeds for upload as high as 50 Mbps as well.

Is there a commitment?
Our prices are based on 12 month agreements. We offer 6 month plans for $20 extra per month