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Why Office Essentials?

With our proprietery program, we will check all your systems every 30 mintutes for a variety of issues. 99% of the issues your PC has is not visible to the user. We check all the logs, performance logs, systems logs and even application logs. If you experiance a progarm crash, we are notified about that too! We may contact you to see if this is something you would like us to look into. If everything checks out, you know we were on it.

What Small Office Essentials Provides:

  • Basic Backup Checks
    • Lets be honest, things happen.  Files get created, and someone at some point or another deletes those files.
    • There are often random important files on all your PC’s.  We will ensure that all those little files get automatically backed up each day.
    • If you need a backup solution, we have two vendors to fit your need.
  • Automated Daily Health Checks
    • Every PC at some time or another has a problem. Whether its low disk space, a failing hard drive, software problems, the list goes on.  Office Essentials takes a proactive stance and rather than waiting for a problem to happen, our software will monitor each PC for potential issues and notify us so we can have a look and take action before an issue escalates.
    • We get this email every morning before you walk into the office. How nice would it be to get an email knowing your IT company solved an issue Monday morning?
  • AntiVirus and AntiMalware
    • An AntiVirus program alone is not sufficient to deter malware.  These days, most infections are not fully classified as a “virus,” but instead are known as “malware,” and often will not be picked up by an AntiVirus alone.
    • Office Essentials provides not only AntiVirus protection, but also AntiMalware to combat all the latest nasties attempting to infect your PC’s.
    • We also will remediate any virus or malware that comes into the system right away, all included!
  • Malware Content Filter
    • While a good AntiVirus and AntiMalware software is needed, it’s important to remember that if an AV/AM software has detected something then it has ALREADY infected your PC. Your employees or guests usually bring these bugs in.
    • To help protect systems, Office Essentials also utilizes a Malware Content Filter.  An MCF monitors the sites you visit in your browser and, if a known site is detected, will block that site from displaying in the browser.  This allows us to block many nasties BEFORE they ever infect your PC.
    • Think of it as keeping strangers from entering your house in the first place.  While an AV/AM is attempting to boot out the strangers after they have already come in.
  • Software Updates
    • Another important and often overlooked defense to combat viruses and malware; is keeping Windows, MS Office, your browsers, and many other apps updated.  Viruses and Malware often infect a system because of vulnerabilities that are discovered over time by hackers and malicious people.  These open doors allow them to get in and infect things.  Keeping current with patches and software updates will plug these holes and goes a long way to preventing infections in the first place.
    • In addition, while patches and updates are good, sometimes software likes to update itself an inopportune times.  With Office Essentials, we first ensure that your systems are up to date, and second ensure that those update sessions only occur at hours that will not disrupt your business.  Or rather, we only install updates during off hours and ensure all patches and updates are tested to minimize any impact or problems to your systems.
    • We can patch hundreds of software manufacturers, not just Windows.
  • Remote Access
    • Why come into the office to check schedules and work with your office applications over the weekend?  Just remote in from your home PC and you can work on whatever you need to while away from the office.
    • We can setup your main computer, or any back office PC you like for remote access.

And here’s what our IT Support can do for you:

  • Remote helpdesk – With remote assistance, just let us know what the problem is, grant us access and we can repair your issue.
  • Help when you need it – No matter what the time of day or night, we are there when you contact us; we’ll fix your problem and let you get back to work.
  • Time efficient – Since we connect remotely to your workstation, there is no waiting for a service person to arrive; our helpdesk staff will troubleshoot and resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Budget friendly – No need to hire an expensive IT staff member who sits around waiting for problems to surface. With our monitoring plan we offer you discounted rates.
  • Services you need – PC tuneups, virus removals and other support tasks that keep your business running smoothly are a breeze for the professionals at Small Office Essentials.

Let us show you how we can optimize your IT and help you make your business the best that it can be.

Isn’t it time you put your IT in the right hands?

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